Skiing every continent to fight melanoma
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My name is Ken White.  This year I am going to take my nine-year-old daughter, Victoria, and try to smash the world record of skiing the seven continents by the youngest person. The current record holder is Tim Hayes of the USA.  It took nine years for Tim to ski seven continents but I propose to do it in twelve months or less, all while raising money for cancer research.

As a Stage III Melanoma cancer survivor I will raise funds for the eradication of this deadly disease.  Can you help us with this meaningful endeavor?  Please do.

Thanks for your support,
                Ken and Victoria White

Our Progress
Europe March 2007
Africa March 2007
Australia July 2007
South America August 2007
Antarctica December 2007
Asia February 2008
North America March 2008

COMPLETED: 16 March 2008

-- Skiing on all seven continents in under one year by a 9-year-old (well, when she started).  
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